Welcome in the Ritten Arena

Ice hall

The ice hall of Ritten Arena in Collalbo is one of the most popular ice stadiums in South Tyrol.
Hockey players from the icehockeyteam Rittner Buam, the youth-teams and the free-time-league are training here during the season. Icestocksport also takes place in the ice hall of Ritten Arena.

Up until 1978 hockeyfans met on the todays parking lot Zentral, where an icerink had been built. It has been a venue for games of the WSV Rittner Horn until 1978.
In the year 1978 the place was converted. It was not until 1980 that a new place for the ice hall has been found:
In the rainy oktober of the year 1980 the water froze overnight where todays ice stadium is located. Hockeyfans then decided to put up the boards and play hockey on the natural ice.
Soon enough they found out, that the place was ideal for playing hockey. 1981/82 the concrete base was moulded and new boards were put up. The course for the new ice stadium was set.
Ritten Arena is also suitable for many different types of events. In the past there have been theatre performances, prize-givings, gala evenings and concerts.

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