Who we are:

The Ritten Arena is conducted by the Sportgenossenschaft Ritten since 2010. Chairman of the Sportgenossenschaft is since 2014 Julia Ramoser from Oberbozen.
The administrative council is composed by the representatives of sports carried out in the sport facilities:
  • Manfred Spögler (Vizeobmann)
  • Hanspeter Graf
  • Elmar Larcher
  • Helga Oberrauch
  • Nicola Mayr
  • Roberto Rampoldi
This is the Staff of the Sportgenossenschaft Ritten - Ritten Arena:
Raphael Fink - Director
Barbara Tschager - Administration
Lorenz Wenter – Responsible of Ice resurface
Alexander Platzer – Technical Staff
Ulrich Wenin - Technical Staff

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